Future Windows was tasked with a large and unique project; the installation of two, very large skylight windows into an existing angled ceiling room above a garage.  The client wanted to use this room as an art studio and needed more natural light than the existing windows provided.

The installation process for these skylights was complex and challenging, but these are the kinds of things that highlight what a company is made of.  The ability to problem-solve and provide our customers with the consummate level of professionalism in both our approach and the final product is what we live for.

The project first required the removal of the old shingles on the entire side of the roof.  From there we removed the plywood and began the process of reframing the roof trusses to both frame out the skylight openings and re-secure the structure to make sure the new construction was stable and safe.  It was this step in the process that took the most time, as this roof was never designed to have skylights installed.

Once the unseen construction was completed, it was time to install the skylights themselves.  Considering the size of the two windows, they dramatically improved both the interior and exterior look of the home, immediately changing the makeup of the client’s art studio into something truly special.

Finally, we replaced the plywood and re-shingled the roof, providing the customer with a bright, dry, beautiful space to create.  Jobs like this skylight project are the ones that prove to be truly memorable.