In May we did a full home window replacement for a couple looking to do their first major home renovation. This was a classic 1960’s ranch home with worlds of potential but still with the original windows that were in definite need of an upgrade.

Before picture of original small window

Original Window

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Original Front Window

The couple was optimistic and excited, but somewhat worried about the cost of an upgrade of this magnitude and hesitant about some of the options we offered. However, we were able to provide them with a package that included windows throughout the house and a spectacular bow window for their front living room space. Windows that not only add a great deal to the curb appeal of their home, but also new dimension and beauty to their interior space.

The removal of the old and the install of the new went smoothly over the course of two days and the homeowners were able to see the potential of their fifty-year old home become a reality. Thankful words and handshakes always say a lot, but the most gratifying part of our day is seeing homeowners stand back and quietly smile at the beautiful new look of their home.

Small window being removed new window ready

The Process Beginning

foam insulation being applied to window frames

Foam insulation after new window installed

Plastic sealing of the inside of the room for old window removal

Sealing the Inside For Old Front Window Removal

Front Bow Window Installation

Front Bow Window Being Installed

A grateful and satisfied family and another job well done for Future Windows, Inc.

Before and After 60s Ranch

Before and After

Fully Installed Bow Window

Fully Installed Bow Window